Everything Happens for a Reason


It was just a regular day at my shop

I was working on a few machines, my buddy Kurt had stopped in before heading to work

Everything seemed completely normal

Then Dave walked in, I could see the excitement in his eyes, I could literally feel the energy radiating off of him.

He pulled me aside into another room and said, “Listen, I’ve got an idea, but this is HIPPA, you don’t say anything to anyone and you remain in the loop. One word and you’re out.”

Puzzled I simply nodded and listened.

Dave said, “You’re good on the internet, right?”

“Yes” I replied

“And you know how to shoot videos?”

Again, I replied “yea…”

He said, “GREAT! I’ve got some other things to procure, I’ll see you soon”

And out the door he went.


I walked back into the other room and looked at my friend Kurt, who could tell I had a rather confused look on my face

“What was that about” he said

Knowing that I couldn’t say much I simply said, “Wow… either Dave’s gone off the deep end, or he’s really onto something here”

And we just left it at that.

Of course, I told Kurt about the ‘loop’ and the mention of this being like ‘HIPPA’, so he understood what little I could actually tell him


About a week later, Dave showed back up to my shop with more details and a better description of what his plan was.


If you haven’t read the L.O.V.E. story, now would be a great time!

But if not, I’ll vaguely fill you in…

Dave had an idea come to him through a tragic loss and a series of a few dreams.

Dave came up with these T-shirts that say “L.O.V.E. spells Let Ourselves Visualize Eternity” which to me had a very deep meaning on its own

But he had also been selling the shirts at the Relay for Life events for the past 4-5 years and they took off really well.

All the proceeds were donated back to the Relay for Life’s so the money could be put towards cures for cancer and other cancer related treatments and testing.


When Dave had come back to the shop that 2nd time, he explained to me that he had this vision to produce more of these shirts to sell

But this time, Dave wanted to be able to donate the money back to LOCAL people or families in need

I didn’t even bat an eye, I told him I’d be more than happy to help

Respectfully, Dave understood I had a business to run and didn’t want to take away from that too much, but to me, that didn’t matter

There was something inside me that didn’t care about being compensated for my time involved because I could see such a spark in his eye that he really wanted to help people and I’m all about that!!


Next thing I knew, Dave and I were meeting a couple times a week to continue discussing our plan of action and to continue to keep things moving forward and in the right direction

With the help of Dave and I’s resources, we managed to get everything in place that we needed to sell the shirts.

So what was the next step?

The internet.